Volcanic Legend Spice Blend


A much hotter version of Legend.

A bold blend of ground chili peppers, whole herbs and spices. It can be used as a seasoning or a dry rub for grilled and roasted meats. This combination of ingredients contains a minimum of salt which allows the herbs and spices to dominate. Perfect for seasoning soup, pot roasts and stews.

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  • Use as a dry rub on beef, pork and poultry destined for the barbeque or oven.
  • Create a unique barbeque sauce by adding a few ingredients from your pantry.
  • Legend makes a great taco seasoning for your meat fillings with the simple addition of ground cumin.
  • The only seasoning needed for a pot roast or beef stew. Add it after browning the meat.
  • Marinades for various less expensive cuts of meats before cooking.


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