Rooted in Hawaiian tradition, Ohana Spice Trading Company had its beginning in Hawaii in 1940. Our Grandparents moved to Oahu and were married in Honolulu on April 6, 1940 where they truly enjoyed the casual Hawaiian lifestyle.

Over the next several decades, they shared “Talk Story” of their experiences in Hawaii, over delicious meals around the dinner table.

Because of this things, Hawaii and its culture, food, dance, and lifestyle have always been a part of our family history. Our goal as a company has been to bring families together by fostering success for everyday meals with simple, yet sophisticated core ingredients that are both health conscious and delicious.

Today, the third generation of our family is involved in owning and operating Ohana Spice Trading Company. Ohana is based in Hawaii and has expanded into the National marketplace with outstanding spices that blend high quality ingredients to ensure the best flavor, color and aroma. These exceptional spice blends are easy to use, versatile and a true kitchen essentials.

Our original Ohana spice recipe Legend was created at “The Salty Pelican,” our family restaurant, in 1974. Our family tradition has always been about sharing a meal with each other and good friends. We have continued to develop spices for other families and cooking lovers to use as seasonings or rubs, to bring their own Ohanas together over a delicious meal.