About the Flavors

Ohana-Spices-ProductsIt’s a seasoning or a Rub!


A bold blend of ground chili peppers, whole herbs and spices. It can be used as a seasoning or a dry rub for grilled and roasted meats. This combination of ingredients contains a minimum of salt which allows the herbs and spices to dominate. Perfect for seasoning soup, pot roasts and stews.

Volcanic Legend

A more intense and much hotter version of Legend Spice Blend. Just as easy to use in creating highly seasoned meats and fish. Add to cold butter for a final touch for hot off the grill meats.


A smoky and herbaceous seasoning that has a standalone flavor. Smoked paprika, marjoram, thyme and a touch of cumin create a blend that compliments, rather than over powers. Mild enough to use on vegetables, seafood and poultry.

Kona Coffee

A perfectly balanced blend of ground chili pepper, aromatic Kona coffee combined with herbs and spices. The fine ground Kona coffee and a pinch of sugar gives a deep roasted flavor with a slightly sweet finish. Especially good when combined with roasted pork.

Hawaiian Teriyaki

A light blend of soy, ginger and spices that bring together sweet and salty. Offers an Asian flavor influence to everyday vegetables, meats and seafood. Easy to use for barbecue, oven or stove top. Activate the marinade by adding 1 1/3 tbsp. of liquid to 1 tbsp. of teriyaki seasoning.